News from the Board.

Well there are some changes going at the Storehouse to keep an eye out for. As we start this new year we look to the future with anticipation of a fresh new God’s Storehouse.

God’s Storehouse is gearing up to sort a ton of food from the local area schools. We were blessed with so much food from the school food drives through the first half of the school year. Also, we received a couple hundred pounds of food from the Boy Scouts food drive. With the addition of Food Share to our selection of ways to serve we will be able to get fresh produce to everyone. We at God’s Storehouse hope to help our clients enjoy a more nutritious array of vegetables and fruits, all fresh from the farm to your table.

We are getting ready to undergo a review of our financial practices and look forward to getting a report we can share with our donors. With the addition of Harry Langley to our family we are getting things ready to perhaps get an Audit done very soon. An overhaul of our daily practices is on the way as well.

We are gearing up to do some major renovations to the building. We are looking to create a new and fresh atmosphere to come and serve the community and to share the Good news of Christ with everyone. So much to do and so little time and resources to do it with. Or at least it seems to us to be a very large task, but to God this is peanuts, small stuff, easy as pie. God is in the business of making the impossible happen.

A special thank you for all your generous donors who keep this venture we call God’s Storehouse open and running.