News from the Board.

Christmas is here and where did 2018 go? In this season there is so much planning, the hustle, and bustle, with Christmas day only three weeks away, I pray that God richly blesses each household a happy and very merry Christmas.

In the midst of all this, lets us stop and take a few moments to thank the only one who is truly worthy of our praises. Not the vast spread that we will stress over as we prepare for a Christmas meal over. Not the presents that we stress so over to find the perfect gift to please our loved ones. Not even the very ones we love so dearly, family and our closest friends who are more like family than friends.

It’s like the time when you walk out to get in the car but cannot find it. You know, the one we parked right there, no wait, or was it here. We realize that in all the cheer and pure enjoyment of the year we forgot something so simple as the spot where we parked the car.

 No, instead stop and thank the one who gave it all, the one who spared no expense for every one of us. God gave! He gave till it hurt! He gave because He knew it was the only thing that would ever come close to redeem the ones he loved so much, “us.”

Now, step out of this beautiful blessing and look around at the faces that will not be sharing that beautiful spread of food, or the exchanging of gifts. Look at the faces of those around us who wish they had a place to stay overnight out of the cold. They look for the next meal, and it is not there.

Please take a moment to give a few dollars to help those realize a meal is there for them; there is love enough to wrap up in and stay off the cold. Give so those at God’s Storehouse will be able to provide that hope to those in crisis.