How much does it cost to eat in 2018?

How much does it cost...? What a question. We can place a value on each item at the grocery store. $1.00 here, .50 cents there. In today’s economy there is a lot that goes into our daily bread. A trip to the local grocery store can be a very costly thing. You can save a little change if you are the member of one of the large chains like Sam’s or Costco. Aldi can save you a little in the new low-cost store fronts. Yet when it is all said and done there is still a bill to be paid at the register. No money, no groceries. Can’t get any plainer than that. Few of us ever come to this point other than what we want for dinner or what we can afford to splurge on. Steak or Salmon, Pork or chicken.

Now step out of this reality and into someone else’s reality that can’t afford to get anything. Someone who is at their last stand, the last time they will eat for some time. Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays we at God’s Storehouse were blessed beyond belief with the donation of over 300 turkey breasts. 150 Thanksgiving and 150 at Christmas meals were given out across the two holidays. Some of our clients are not always able to get to the Storehouse so this year we delivered some of the meals.

One such recipient was overwhelmed to receive this blessing as they were on that last dime. The Lady who we gave the meal to stated that she had just written her last dime in a check to SCE&G so they would be warm. She said “I just wrote a check to SCE&G leaving us with nothing to buy food with. We need to keep warm, so I asked God to help. I said God if we are going to eat you are going to have to provide it, otherwise we don’t eat till next week, if then.” God heard her prayer before she even prayed it. He had put into motion the events that would place a holiday meal at her door on that day.

This is the Impact you make in the everyday lives of everyday people throughout the midlands of SC. We strive to make sure we get everything we can in to the hands of those in crisis. We are all in this together, yet we can't do it without you, our donors who make this a reality. People are feed and clothed through your generous donations. We at God's Storehouse thank every one of you for supporting us in prayer and donations.

What a wonderful God we serve.