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Healthy Foods on a Budget

The South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is hosting FREE 90 minute grocery store tours led by local dietitians.

2 Columbia Bi-Lo Locations ***

Gamecock BI-LO                                         Main Street  Bi-Lo
446 Devine Street,                                     3900 N. Main Street
Columbia, SC SC 29205                           Columbia, SC 29203

Learn how to:

  • Feed your family healthy foods on a budget
  • Select filling, whole grain foods
  • Find the best prices per unit
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables on a budget


  1. Go to one of the 2 stores listed
  2. Arrive early to register for the Store tour at the following hours:
    1. 9:00
    2. 10:00
    3. 11:00
    4. 12:00
  3. Participate in the tour and receive $10.00 worth of Groceries.


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to Sep 21

SNAP Challenge

OK here is a Challenge to our followers.

Take the SNAP Challenge, if you can handle it. This challenge is simple.

1. Starting Monday Sept 15th, you can only eat what you have purchased with the allowance afforded to those on the SNAP program. That allowance is $1.50 per meal, or $4.50 per day. You cannot purchase at Sam's or Costco or any large retailers that have a membership fee to join. Please let us know how it went. E-mail us with the specifics on how you were able, or not able, to accomplish the challenge. How did you feel knowing you could only spend $1.50 per meal, how did you feel during the challenge, could you tell a difference in your mood, or anything else you can share about the challenge.

Email us back at ronmor1781@godsstorehousesc.org or share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page. GSH Facebook.

For full details see this link. - SNAP Challenge 


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